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Overview of Services


 For price inquiry, please email Catherine Brownstein at catherine.brownstein@childrens.harvard.edu.


  DNA Sequencing Library prep ChIP Seq Reaction Assembly CNVs
Sanger Sequencing        
Hamilton Robot        


How to Request Services:

Before you can login and request services, you must register an iLAB account by clicking on the "sign up here" link at the top-right of the opening page of the website and fill in all the required information. Once registration is completed, please login and click on "Request Services" tab.

 Shipping address:

Molecular Genetics Core Facility

3 Blackfan Circle

CLS 16030.23

Boston MA 02215


We have a new Bionano Saphyr, Nanostring, and Bio-Rad QX200 ddPCR system!   Now available.  Log in to iLab here  https://childrenshospital.corefacilities.org/service_center/3101/?tab=about to reserve time and request as a service.




Catherine Brownstein | Core Manager

Phone: 617-355-4764

Email: catherine.brownstein@childrens.harvard.edu


Links and Resources 

Applied Biosystems 3730 DNA Analyzer

Sequence Scanner Software

FinchTV Chromatogram Viewer


The overall objective of the Core is to provide a location where researchers can have access to high quality, low cost molecular analysis technology services in a timely, affordable manner. The services offered fall into three basic biology disciplines: DNA and RNA sequencing, Genotyping, and Gene & Micro RNA Expression.


Name Role Phone Email Location
Catherine Brownstein
Core Manager
CLS 16009
Kristin Cabral
Sanger Sequencing
CLS 16030.24
Cam Li
Sanger Sequencing
CLS 16030.23

List of Standard Services

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ChiP- Seq (2)
Copy Number Variant (1)
Data transfer (1)
Exome (8)
Genome (7)
Genomics Pipelines (1)
NextGen (7)
Sanger Sequencing (1)
Transcriptome (1)


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Next-Gen FAQs
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