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The Boston Children’s Hospital Viral Core is located on the 13th floor of the Center for Life Science (CLS) building and provides technological resources to academic investigators interested in the development and use of viral based vectors. Currently, it offers custom lentiviral vector production, custom AAV vector production with a variety of serotypes and aliquots of in-stock vector.


The Viral Core operates under the direction of Dr. Zhigang He and is managed by Dr. Yiming Zhang with technical support staff.


Our goal in the Viral Core is to provide scientists with access to cutting-edge, high-quality viral vector technologies in a cost-efficient fashion. We also provide consultations to investigators in selecting, designing and using viral vectors.

Currently, we offer custom lentiviral vector production, custom adeno-associated virus (AAV) vector production and a variety of in-stock vector.

  •  Lentiviral vectors: We use the third-generation lentivirus packaging system. Our lentivirus is pseudotyped with VSV-G. We concentrate lentivirus through ultracentrifugation and quantify its genomic titer by Q-PCR.
     Please provide at least 100 μg plasmid DNA for a lenti prep. The typical virus yield is between 150 to 200 μl.
  •  AAV vectors: We purify AAVs using iodixanol gradients and ultracentrifugation. We can prep AAV vectors into serotypes 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, rh10, DJ, Anc80, retro, 7m8, SHH10, PHP.b, PHP.eb, PHP.S. If you would like a new AAV serotype, inquire with our core staff.
     For a regular AAV prep, we need at least 150 μg maxi-prep plasmid DNA. Typical virus yield is between 250 to 400 μl. Genomic titer is quantified by Q-PCR. Purified AAV is good for in vivo applications.
  •  Off-the-shelf vectors: We provide pre-made AAVs with different serotypes for AAV-GFP.


Zhigang He, PhD Director
Phone Number: 617-919-2353

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 3 Blackfan Circle, CLS 13060
Boston, MA. 02115

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Zhigang He, PhD

Yiming Zhang, PhD
Program Manager
3 Blackfan Circle, CLS13060.12, Boston, MA, 02115

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